Great tip “Choose a Swimsuit to Match the Body Shape”

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A girl who wants to wear a swimsuit but is afraid to show off her figure. Today, there are tips for choosing a swimsuit, how to wear and look beautiful, started by half Thai-American designer Angie-Angeles Balek, founder of AB. Angelys Balek.

Begin by adjusting Mindset to love your body before buying a swimsuit. Because we have to have confidence in ourselves first To be happy when wearing a swimsuit. So before choosing to buy swimwear or clothes, try to adjust your point of view first. Every woman is beautiful in her own style โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

Fabric and sewing another key heart that enhances the beauty of women. Swimwear where the fabric is less stretchy will have the effect of wearing it. Therefore, before choosing to buy a swimsuit, you must consider that When you try to wear that Swimwear Can be flexible can wear and tighten the shape and help camouflage the weaknesses and enhance the strengths of each woman or not?

Shy girl

Anyone who is not confident to wear a swimsuit is gradually starting to build their confidence by choosing a simple design one piece swimsuit. Little gimmicks Or is it a sporty design that looks cool.

Big breasts with hips

One piece swimsuit Show light sexiness with a V-neck should avoid patterns or features on the chest. Because it will emphasize the upper range to look even bigger Vintage style swimwear Showing a little chest Paired with high waist pants Or swimsuits that play almost in straight colors It helps shape look slimmer.

Small breasts with hips

A one-piece dress with a chest effect to help make your breasts look bigger. A one-piece dress with a simple design or one shoulder flair. Can camouflage to make the body look more slim Confident Thai girls will set up a beautiful two-piece dress. High concave, it can emphasize the proportion of concave well. 

Small breasts, small hips, a little concave.

It is advisable to choose a swimsuit that shows off the curves and features such as frills and sequins to add dimension to the figure. Or choose a deep V-neck one-piece swimsuit Add charm to attract For the shy girl With a choice of two peaches At the top of the cropped design The bottom is a vented skirt. Is beautiful and chic.


Which girl is worried about her belly Until you do not dare to wear a swimsuit No worries, Angie recommends choosing a swimsuit with a waist feature. If it’s a peach Choose a dress that has a pleated design at the waist. To mask the waist, or choose a swimsuit in dark tones Can help camouflage the figure Or it can be a design that has a flair on the shoulders or puffy sleeves to catch the eye.